Wilde Foods’ delicious range of bush spices and seasonings, grown in the Scenic Rim, makes it simple to include a taste of indigenous Australia at your table.

Grown in the rich soils

of this lush, mountainous region of southeast Queensland, all native greens, seeds and fruits included in our tasty marinades, sauces, pesto and pickled greens, are renowned for their high levels of antioxidants.  Our pure, nutritious, indigenous condiments are ethically and sustainably packaged for easy transport to your door.

We provide a range of healthy gluten free and vegan friendly products including: Pickled Warrigal Greens; Pickled Warrigal Greens & Macadamia Nut Pesto; Pepperberry & Wattleseed Rub; Macadamia, Pepperberry and Bush Tomato (Wilde) Dukkah; Davidson Plum Spicy Sauce; Brandy & Black Apple. Tempted to learn more about our range of scrumptious bush tucker seasonings? Click below or contact us for more information.

It’s so easy to enjoy the benefits of healthy Australian native plant food in your diet every day. We’ve created a downloadable e-book of tasty recipe ideas using indigenous spices, sauces and seasonings and pickled greens just for you.


Pickled Warrigal Greens and Pickled Warrigal Greens and Macadamia Nut Pesto
Pickled Warrigal Greens Wilde Foods
Pickled Warrigal Greens

Warrigal Greens are a native spinach that comes from coastal areas. Captain Cook supposedly used it to ward off scurvy! (But then he tried a lot of things to keep away scurvy!) Warrigal Greens have a complex flavour and pickling introduces salty and sour notes to the flavour profile. Great with smoked salmon, cheese platters, tomato/olive/anchovy pasta sauce (Puttanesca) or anywhere you would use a pickle!

Pickled Warrigal Greens and Macadamia Nut Pesto
Pickled Warrigal Greens and Macadamia Nut Pesto

To the complex pickled flavour of the Pickled Warrigal Greens we have paired the rich, sweet buttery flavour of toasted Macadamia nuts. Use the pesto as a pasta sauce; or on a cheese platter.

Brandy and Black Apple Paste
Brandy & Black Apple

Native Black Apples have a naturally sweet flavour with notes reminiscent of dark chocolate. The rounded flavour profile marries bitter and sweet; and we add Brandy (because we can), to make it naughty but nice! Great with cheese platters; with meat; or on its own on toast.

Davidson's Plum Spicy Sauce
Davidsons's Plum Spicy Sauce

Davidson's plums have a very sour flavour profile, which pairs well with chilli and ginger. Great as a dipping sauce for spring rolls; fried and battered vegetables and sausage rolls. In fact Davidson's Plum Spicy Sauce is so more-ish, you'll want to try substituting it for tomato sauce!

Pepperberry and Bush Tomato Rub by Wilde Foods
Pepperberry & Wattleseed Rub

The Cajun flavour of Bush Tomato blends well with Pepperberry (which tastes like black pepper, but lightly sweet with a hot kick) and nutty tones of Wattleseed. Adds life as a rub to red meats, chicken and roasts, but can be sprinkled on dips and scrambled eggs or wedges.

Wattleseed and Pepperberry Dukkah
WILDE Dukkah

Our Dukkah is from Australian native foods such as Wattleseed, Pepperbery, Macadamia, Lake Salt, and Bush Tomato. Can be used on flat bread dipped in olive oil or our other favourites are as a crust for salmon; incorporated in batter; sprinkled on chips and wedges or avocado. Adds flavour to breadcrumb mixtures, roasted vegies and salads.

Vegan Friendly Gluten Free