We love the intense flavour and nutrients from Australian native plants

We hope you enjoy our hand crafted products; making native ingredients a staple in your kitchen.


Pickled Warrigal Greens


Bush Tomato and Pepperberry Meat Rub


Davidson Plum Spicy Sauce


Warrigal Greens and Macadamia Pesto


Brandy and Native Plum Jam


Native Macadamia, Pepperberry and Bush Tomato Dukkah


At Wilde Foods in the Scenic Rim, we are passionate about Australia and bush tucker plants. Native herbs and flowers provide a rich and invaluable source of intense flavour and nutrients. We harvest and source the best native ingredients to create original bush food condiments to our customers Australia wide and overseas.

Grown in the rich soils of this lush, mountainous region of southeast Queensland, all native greens, seeds and fruits included in our tasty marinades, sauces, pesto and pickled greens, are renowned for their high levels of antioxidants.

Our pure, nutritious, indigenous condiments are ethically and sustainable packaged for easy transport to your door.

We provide a range of healthy gluten free and vegan friendly products including:

  • Pickled Warrigal Greens
  • Warrigal Greens and Macadamia Nut Pesto
  • Bush tomato and Pepperberry Meat Rub
  • Native Macadamia, Pepperberry and Bush Tomato Dukkah
  • Davidson Plum Spicy Sauce
  • Brandy and Native Plum Jam

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It’s so easy to enjoy the benefits of healthy Australian native plant food in your diet every day. We’ve created a downloadable e-book of tasty recipe ideas using indigenous spices, sauces and seasonings and pickled greens just for you.

Recipe Book


Our range of Australian native herbs, fruits and seed based condiments are full of flavour, vegan friendly and gluten free. Our products are ethically packaged and delivered to your door.

What Our Clients Say

I’ve came across Wilde foods while I was looking for bush tucker foods and I was lucky enough to try the pickled Warrigal greens which had this amazing pickle taste.
Warrigal greens and pesto macadamia nut pesto this is some of the best flavouring pesto I’ve ever had a nice fresh pesto flavour with the macadamia crunch not over powering in the slightest.
And finally the Rosser plum Jam that has a quite light and fruit full flavour.
I can’t wait to order more and Lisa was a great help I would highly recommend to try these product out.

Shanon Fairy,

Smokin Fairy

Wilde Foods is the Scenic Rim specialist in indigenous plant food. We provide a range of tasty Australian bush tucker based sauces, spices, seasonings and condiments. Our delicious products enhance the flavours of meat, chicken, fish and vegetables. Check out our online store or call us 0416 221 064.